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Lee sunny it is eighty five degrees right now at o'hare senate majority leader mitch mcconnell has his work cut out for them he released the republican health care plan today called it a discussion measure a discuss shen plan from which they would continue to work already four republican senators say they oppose it they're ted cruz of texas ron johnson of wisconsin mike lee of utah and here's rand paul from kentucky we cannot support the current bill we're open to negotiation but we want the bill to look more like a repeal the open to negotiation part is significant mcconnell has said that he wants to vote next week he can only afford a couple of defections there are no tapes president trump tweeting today he did not taped conversations with then fbi director james comey forty one days after initially tweeting the cold me had better hope there were no tapes white house spokeswoman sarah huckabee sanders refused to elaborate on the tweet defending the delay in revealing there are no recordings abc news asking her why the game on others again again his answer the question he gave it town in the frame that which he would need it that he said about the end of this week in that she says she thinks that he does not think i should say that the president's original intent was to threaten the former fbi director he had faced a congressional deadline of tomorrow of turning over eighty tapes downstate man has been charged with threatening the president joseph lynn picket of downstate edwardsville charged after several online post said that he wanted to assassinate president trump house democratic leader nancy pelosi said she's confident she's got this gordon or caucus despite fingerpointing and frustration after the democrats lost that special election in georgia this week democrats invested millions but jon ossoff lost to republican and that's drawn criticism of pelosi from her fellow democrats in springfield lawmakers were back in special session today day two of the session but there are already done no progress to report democrat heather stain says a plan being pushed by republicans is not balanced because doesn't have a revenue so he only comprehensive budget proposal balance that is balanced that exists right now is something that the senate his past and his regards buys right now in the house of representatives and now that's where the negotiations need to be taking place republican say it does include reforms and an income tax hike little lake county.

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