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Can never be called a happy ending but it's a damn good one for the people of this community and people state of texas and appreciate the opportunity to work with these amazingly find individuals and all folks who worked for them the deaths that occurred here were were random and meaningless and absolutely something that we can't ever get our heads around but we reacted in a way that i would hope every says and would want us to react and i'm proud to be here today to so we got it done christopher cones on the fbi special agent in charge this partnership that brought this to conclusion this is a very difficult case only through the work of the austin police department working with us with texas tps with the texas rangers the fbi atf the marshalls the postal service that we were able to do this this is what we do here the partnerships are strong we work very well together in it's through that partnership that we were able to find this guy if we had not found this man i think we all believe very certainly that there would have been more devices and more innocent civilians would have been hurt wouldn't have been killed of austin should be very very proud that she finale and the austin police department the people taxes should be very proud of deep in the texas rangers the people of this country should be very thankful to law enforcement general i think the narrative should be what you saw here you had law enforcement people running towards explosions to help people i've seen the video of what happened last night you literally had austin police officers running towards a vehicle that had an explosive device in it that detonated that is unbelievable courage those heroes and i think that's what we have to put out the men and women of law enforcement do this every day maybe not to this level certainly not on this stage with the media but i would i would stress to everybody this is what we do every day in law enforcement and i think that's what the narrative should be and for me personally i'm very proud today that i have the honour pulled in a badge and working with these men and women behind me we will be here until this is over we will maintain our presence into the until we are absolutely certain there is no question.

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