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Anywhere pillows for their lowest price ever and be sure to use my promo code USA, Texas, civil rights group says the Trump administration continues separating migrant families at the border eight months after the practice was supposed to formally end the Texas civil rights project makes the accusation in a report just out today saying some separations are happening based on what is. Calls uncorroborated allegations of crimes the report focusing on cases at the port of entry in mcallen, Texas, senior bishops from all over the world are gathering in Rome today for the start of a multiday Catholic summit on child sex abuse by clergy, nearly two hundred Catholic leaders are participating in this historic gathering. The first time that a pope is called senior bishops to discuss sexual abuse to the church. The church has been rocked by sex-abuse scandals around the world, including former Washington DC archbishop Theodore mckarrick who was expelled from the priesthood last week by the Vatican after being found guilty of sex abuse by the church and NASA is now providing daily weather reports from Mars that's his insight. Lander is gathering weather data from the Martian surface, sending it back to earth. The space agency says Marshon weather reports are available to the public. They contained information about air temperature wind speeds and the like. On wednesday. For instance, instance, the insight Lander says the high temperature was close to four degrees Fahrenheit, and this is USA radio news..

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