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Unilateral staffing reduction and then we pay the price. So does the community last year, Engine six, responded to 3000 calls for help. The Elgin City manager says the 2021 budget shortfall exceeds $11 million due to declining revenue streams in state mandated fired police pension payments. The owner of Healthy, Hot Free Meals restaurant on Chicago's Westside. Germaine. Jordan is putting homeless people up in hotels to get them off the streets. During these frigid temperatures. Here's one of his customers clothing food. I don't know what I'd do without him. Jordan says he was able to cover the cost of 90 rooms through a go fund me campaign. You know, I definitely appreciate it. I just would like everyone to come together to baby to get things off. These tent cities is cold out here last week. Jordan help victims of Chicago Carjackings acquire replacement vehicles. We're technologies is partnering with Walgreens and a local group to help residents of Chicago's most underserved communities getting cope It 19 vaccine. Robert Kilman is global head of policy for uber freight. We are integrating our system with her so that when people go in and sign up for a vaccine, if they need a ride, they can quickly and easily. Get access to a new member ride to take. It's part of a larger initiative to promote more equitable distribution of vaccines. That's where President and CEO of the Chicago Urban League Karen Freeman, Wilson comes in our older constituents. We are the people that they go to to understand information to our group will help identify which Chicago neighborhoods and residents will be prioritized. WGN Sports Blackhawks Beat the Stars tonight. No overtime Final score in Dallas Hawks two stars one That's three straight wins. The.

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