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Will manage the hell out of this operation. The campaign by the FBI to discredit Dr Martin Luther King Jr. A new documentary reveals the lengths J. Edgar Hoover went to ruin MLK. The Senate is back tomorrow. Ready to try President Trump for Insurrection will find out what's going to happen this week, and we will have some new music for you. Chosen by case totally DJ Jose Calvin she actually described. It also is music to dance and cry ugly, too. So it's like emotional electronic music. Happy MLK Day. The news is next. Live from NPR news. I'm Jack Spear. The nation's capital remains on high alert amid potential threats of violence ahead of the inauguration. NPR's Windsor Johnson reports securities at unprecedented levels from the deadly insurrection of the U. S capitol by pro Trump loyalist nearly two weeks ago. Federal authorities continue to tighten security in and around the nation's capital, expanding road closures and restricting traffic in the downtown area. The FBI continues to that members of the National Guard amid fears of potential violence ahead of the inauguration. Up to 25,000 troops are expected to be stationed throughout the city, including the areas around the U. S Capitol building by Wednesday. NPR's Windsor Johnston, FBI officials now say there hunting for a woman who they believe may have taken a laptop from the office of Speaker Nancy Pelosi during the siege of the capital, the FBI an arrest warrant charging the woman identified his Riley June Williams with illegally entering the U. S capitol and disorderly conduct. FBI officials said. Caller claiming to be a former romantic partner of Williams said friends showed him a video for taking the laptop drive from Pelosi's. Learned his prime ear, says he is deeply concerned by reports that President Biden plans to block the Keystone XL pipeline. NPR's Jeff Brady reports. Premier Jason Kinney says the Canadian province may pursue legal action. Alberta government invested a billion and a half dollars in the pipeline last year and agreed to six billion in loan guarantees this year. The pipeline is important to the province because it would transport oil sands crude down to the Gulf Coast. Where could be sold on the world market for higher prices, But that crude has a bigger carbon footprint than just about any other kind of oil. It requires more processing. Joe Biden will enter office with an ambitious climate plan, and he's vowed to block the pipeline. Premier Kenny says in a statement that Alberta will quote use all legal avenues available to protect its interest in the project. Jeff Brady. NPR NEWS president, Trump has issued an executive order move ahead with plans to establish a national guard of American heroes. Here's NPR's Barbara Sprung President. Trump's Order builds on another executive order he signed in July. Laying out a vision for a garden to depict quote historically significant Americans with the target date for public access of 2026. It does not list a location for the park. His vision includes memorialize ng 244 Americans as statues in the Garden. The list is wide ranging. It features politicians, musicians, artists, astronauts, movie stars, philosophers, athletes and other historical figures. It includes Walt Disney, Whitney Houston, Frederick Douglass, Ronald Reagan and Christopher Columbus. But with less than two days left in Trump's terms, it's highly unlikely the garden will be realized by him or by President elect Biden. Barbarous friend. NPR news. This is NPR. And at 704 on a Monday, January 18th is his KCRW. I'm leery Perella. Here's what's happening. Researchers say they've identified a new variant of the coronavirus in a dozen California counties, including Los Angeles. This is different. In the U. K Street that's been found to spread more rapidly and has also been detected in the state. Researchers say. They still don't know how much about this new variant. They're working to determine whether it's more infectious or could impact vaccination efforts here. Santa Clara County health officer Dr Sarah Cody but to really understand Whether these outbreaks are behaving as they are because of the virus or because of some other conditions We don't know. Over the weekend, the state surpassed more than three million Corona virus cases, the most in the country. About a million of those cases are in L. A county. Powerful Santa Ana winds expected to land on the South Land starting tonight have forced the newly opened Disneyland cope in 19 vaccines. Super psyched to close Tomorrow. The Orange County health care agency cites the National Weather Service is high wind warnings. The reason for the shutdown. People who had appointments to receive vaccinations at the site tomorrow will be notified of rescheduled times. Ah, large portion of so Cal is under red flag warnings due to critical fire danger brought on by the high winds. Dry vegetation and low humidity. That warning is in effect starting tonight. It goes into Wednesday morning. Vice President elect Kamila Harris resigned her Senate seat this morning cap radio said Fletcher has more Harrises move clears the way for several first California Secretary state Alex Padilla will soon take Harris a seat, becoming the first Latino to represent the state in the U. S. Senate Assemblywoman Shirley Weber has been named to fill Padilla seat. If confirmed, she'll be the state's first African American chief elections. Official. Harris will be sworn in Wednesday, becoming the first woman first person of color and first person of Asian descent to serve as vice president. California Governor Gavin Newsom, who made the naming of Padilla and Weber, official Monday said it was notable that these historic appointment come as Americans celebrate the legacy of Dr Martin Luther King Jr. That's Capt. Radio's Ed Fletcher reporting. San Diego has a new mayor Todd Gloria, The Democrat is the first openly gay person and person of color to lead the ones conservative area with 1.5 million residents. San Diego is the second biggest city in California and the eighth biggest in the country. Gloria says it should embrace a more progressive and multi cultural identity. My election is about having San Diego act accordingly. Part of that is in blazing now majority of our population who are people of color who have never Had the opportunity to sit behind the desk and the mayor's office and to lead the city. And the self lance celebrated of Martin Luther King Jr Day Like No other Today, the life and dreams of the civil rights leader were mostly honored virtually this year due to the pandemic that includes a typically bustling Kingdom Day parade. Same with the California African American Museums Events, which held a performance by the Inner city Youth Orchestra of L. A. And Long Beach. The virtual celebration included music, art and discussions about King in the fight for racial justice. Here's local bishop Tod Urban from Church, one ministries speaking at the event injustice Anywhere. Is a threat to justice everywhere. We must stand. On the dream. The shoulders of this great man. One event that was held in the Real World, a car caravan hosted by Martin Luther King Coalition of Greater L. A service, not sweeps and the L. A Community Action network..

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