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So we've got the areas covered we had Phoenix and Tucson covered for a long time. And all the folks in castle grant kept calling us and saying man, we're like in no man's land. We can't get your Phoenix contractors to come south. And we can't get your Tucson contractors to come north. So we. Built out what we call the Kesse 'Grande connection, and we've got techno security all about water d'oro, foam roofing, lions roofing. Arizona painting company. Bruton electric brute nail plumbing, desert, sun heating and cooling for those of you in per now county. Growing county. It's what we do at flatland third. Bob, doing Phoenix. And tucson. It's you know, I laughed at the light rail system to win in Phoenix light rail system went into saying they should have just put a light rail system between the two cities. Save that traffic on itin. I would take that overdriving that itin stretch any day. It's it's kind of a scary stretch. We've had some some very heartbreaking tragic accidents there just recently. But they are getting it close to be in at eight later the away. Boy that sure gonna help is going to be a nightmare when they rip up. Is it like right south of rawhide Riggs road down to about castle GRANDE to the river. Do they either ever? Rage isn't big enough to go any wider. So when they start that construction. I don't know if there's room or hollow deeds in the land as they would be interested if they just built a separate road and finish it and reaching out. And then just. It after the fact that's going to be bottleneck when they started that project, but it will be but every construction project to do that. But it's always worth it in the end. So the referral network. The radio broadcasts the publications we do in newspapers all across the state or all things.

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