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Other ones were 9 25, I think. So it's made huge strides. That said, though, recently, Cristiano Ronaldo was a free agent and we know Kansas City apparently made a big effort to get him. Instead he goes to Saudi Arabia takes the money. Do you think MLS as a league and all the owners together should have probably done more because of what it could have brought to the league in terms of notoriety to bring in a guy of that stature? Good question. You know, I can't really honestly speculate on what other owners should do. I think one of the things. And by the way, the MLS ownership group has been absolutely amazing to me and my family throughout this whole process. So whether it was tours of their stadium, letting us talk to their teams as well. So I think from that perspective, this ownership group really does believe in supporting one another. I think the other side to that is I think there's so much amazing homegrown talent here in the United States. And I think that you have clubs that are really excited to start being able to use their academy system, the development team. And really just bring U.S. soccer players to an international level as well. Selfishly in St. Louis, we have some of the best academy kids hands down. And they continue to win tournaments, improve themselves and one thing I would like to do in a couple of years is be watching a World Cup match and say that was a kid that came from St. Louis. Carolyn, I agree with you on that. The talent level here in America has grown, but that said, though, a lot of the top players like Weston mckenney, Christian Pulisic, sergino dest, they all go to Europe to play. So even from, say, FC Dallas is academy. What can be done over the next few years and you now, as one of the owners here, of course, in the league to try to keep that homegrown cream of the crop talent from not going to Europe and staying here and kind of showing us what they can do. Well, I think you've got a couple of things that are really exciting. So the MLS partnership with Apple, I mean, that's the first of its kind. And so I think that that's really going to be able to draw a lot more fans than linear TV. And what I mean by that is we have a Bosnian player, our hope is, is that people in Bosnia are signing into the city SC page because they want to watch one of their own playing the successful. I think number two, I think better understanding the demographics and how do you market them and how do you make them very loyal fans is a focus not only for MLS as a whole, but as teams in general. And I think that there's just, from what I'm seeing this, there's sort of a shift in how the younger generations, how they consume sports. And soccer

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