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We need to cover our most important expenses like website hosting podcasting equipment. And what else? Andy, I think Knicks would be good answer to that question. Yes. Can't forget about Knicks once again the URL's. Are you tickets shop and store? Dutch up. Thank you. Right? You're listening to a simply call radio. I'm Jared Morrissey sandy bottoms and Ryan Phillips and Ryan, you looted to this week's top story which was Hoosier hysteria being announced. And so let's linger on that for just a few minutes. You mentioned the date Saturday, September twenty. Ninth. And what's notable about that date is how early it is. So last year Hoosier hysteria was on October twenty first. And the date for this year is going to be really close to the very first day of practice because the first day of practice can be forty two days prior to the first game, and last year's first game was on November tenth. So we'll have to see what the schedule looks like for this year, but. Andy kind of look toward Hoosier stare and you think about, you know, some some, some kind of things to watch out for looking looking in advance of that. Everyone's gonna talk about the scrimmage and the dunk contest and all of that. And that will surely be fun. But to meet with the biggest things to watch for our number one who will be in attendance because who hysteria is big for fans, but it's really big for recruiting so we know always. Yeah. And last year it was huge. You remember them walking Romeo out and kind of walking the players across the court. So we know trace will be there. We know kion we'll be there surely many, many others will be and also will the locker room innovations be done because that is something that I had heard that they wanted to Hoosier hysteria when those would be done and ready for display. So Andy, anything else that you know is that date approaches you're going to be kind of kind of looking for two to see what's going to be on tap for fans. I was really struck by how early it was and you kind of back into some of that new at times in the past, they've really wanted to do. It feels like there've been times they wanted to do on the weekend. Home football game, but really the only one kind of around in general areas, the game in the middle of October, which was homecoming. I'm not sure they wanted to. Stack it on top of that, and that's called double booking in the industry. Thank you. Thanks for that little insider tip there. And then the week after that actor six to state, I would argue many, many fans of the team would probably say, I would love distraction to not have to watch you play football though. A real editing show football. So pretty close in recent years. Goodness. But so, yeah, it just struck me as as with the timing of it being early..

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