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Working behind the screen. Spinning drives the right side of the lane league plays it up it in for two. Nice move. Xavier leads 68 65 minutes 34 to go Tandy just just two explosive off the dribble there again. Kiki realizes that the officials are calling it really close. Jackson was there with him. But then Kiki was able to get a little separation and squeeze that right hand layup right over the defense there dandy, now 7 to 17 from the field three of five from three point range. Five or seven from the Free throw live, three rebounds. Three assistant. He has 22 points to lead all scorers in this ball game. Xavier leading by 3 68 to 65 Toledo calls a time out. They now have two timeouts left. As does the Xavier Musketeers. Other scoring in a lot in the game. Scruggs is 11.7 assists, six rebounds. Johnson has a 33 points on 13 pointer. Dewan owed him eight points, five rebounds, six assists. Zach Freeman, who's got four fouls, has nine points in three rebounds. Griffins Eight points, four rebounds. Carter has Two points are Miles has two points, and Carter has five points in 13 rebounds. Toledo's led by Milner are Rollins, who asked 20 points and went to the bench. I don't know if he's gonna be back into the game Looks like They're still working on him. You must have a busted lip, Bloody Lipper's earned or bloody nose or something. He's not going to be on the floor right now. But another double figures scores are Milner. And Jackson. And rollin. So Xavier's got a kind of kind of forced their deep focus. Their defensive effort on Jackson Jackson is gonna take the shot. He's got 16 field goal attempts in this basketball game. Save your musketeer, setting up a man to Man defense, Tandy. Scruggs Johnson owed him Free metal on the floor for the Musketeers had bound the basketball was Sanders and he gets it in the low post hot by Miller. Miller has 15 points and 15 rebounds. He drives on free mental powers it up two hearts, two strong balls bounce on the floor and into the hands of Freeman, a great swarming defense by the Musketeers. Miller did a good job to get to the rim, but that was by no means an easy two footer. Who's contested by numerous musketeers with a minute 14 to go. Xavier now calls a time out Xavier with a three point lead 68 to 65. Tandy brought it across the timeline. Year. Xavier's banks and that's one for have a steel calls the time out to discuss the situation with his ball club. That'll leave the Musketeers with one time out. Toledo live committed 9000. Next time they found the Musketeers. Avery guaranteed two shots. Joe, and I think what you'll see is Gotta go with working for you, Kiki Tandy. Even I've been able to guard him. Kiki's speed has been too much on the on the on the floor, so I was spread the floor out and let Kiki go. In the middle ball screen and let him go to work. If that's not there. Kiki's gotta be willing to kick the ball to Paul Scrubs were Scruggs has got the proper mind set to attack the rim. Scrubs realizes, as Kiki does, that the officials are calling it really close, so they're gonna be in an uber attack mode and try to get at get a shot at the rammer or draw a foul. Lido, winding up man to Man defense, several inbound the basketball right in front of the Savior Coaching Staff Musketeers need to get in. They do to Fremantle, not where they wanted to. That was the third option along their sideline. He throws it after the corner, Kat Biodome. Tandy. He brings it to the left side of the floor between the white drivel. Nice little top of the key, driving the lane leaps in airways it up off the glass misses the shot, but he's found on the play. They cleared it out, Joe. Clearly, Xavier realizes that Jackson, a senior just cannot stay in front of Kiki Tandy and Kiki's been light him up all day. Well, that's much. Tandy is a phenomenal athlete. That's one of his gift. The ability to be quick to be low to be powerful men didn't leap in the air and stay a while. Frustrated with myself for not making the shot. He's at the line for two free throws readies the first It's on the way and it is good hesitated there because they start rolling the returns right. I thought it might pop out but one around the rim on the tour about three.

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