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An invertebrate melissa living emerged on the ocean floor with arms legs wireless access what's there to be happy about a clams like all i'm so happy i didn't get turned into new england clam today pronounce regionally toda tall that's so fun to say what are we talking about in gyco fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more so why this whole friday the thirteenth theme here they're still unsolved mysteries as we head into training capsule start with the first we have dez bryant who somehow remains a free agent with can't fast approaching why do we think he is still out there i think it's first of all this by going to get signed at some point before either during training camp after training camp he'll almost i look at it and say that there's given days and i think there's been a lot of positive and negative that comes with a guy like brian and because of his experience the dallas cowboys and i'm sure other teams of looking at it saying great players he was production drop down there were some locker room incident that people have rumored out there so i'm sure there's a little bit of both of those that they're weighing before they bring on a guy like this because you're gonna fire when you bring in a guy like him and i still think i still sit here personally i still think he is a lot more in the tank lifted him i two and i would just point out that does bryant by the way did turn down a contract ready and we'll tell your deal from the baltimore ravens because he wants the one year deal that allows them to free agency next year in sort of contract so this is not just this don't buy into the narrative that interest is not exist and he's gonna wind up on football team he would prefer to do it on a one year deal prove contract does does he need to prove it at this point you worry close you get thirties danger zone sure but when the multi your contract isn't the money that you think you're worth is number one receiver that's what that number one you like sheldon richardson do with the vikings doing one year deal eventually get paid that's what does would like to get that windfall his contract in such in this passage or something every day earl thomas trae talk all over the place little bug spray was shot that fire with mike scott thomas young jason garrett if you have a chance to get me after their christmas eve game last year so we'll go to demarco in this i what did you think of that moment second thing where he ends up i saw the sort after the game i thought it was remarkable that the data to even do that so weird just to look at it from as a team i would've looked at him a little weird to be honest but he went to ut texas guy he went and asked the head coach for the opposition afew after the game come get me you look at sea hawks defense sherman's gone been going lot of faces on that team why not trade them dow's get a second first round draft form i think that would make a great fit for dollars will bring that championship mentality to the cowboys many expected that if this was going to happen would have had to happen on draft day but from what i understand this trait is not necessarily the door is not closed on it it could still happen i thought it was cliff april his teammate told sirius xm that like legit everybody knows what fanny's of the cowboys to the point where like he would leave practice quick to watch them on monday night football that's a little got another team on another do that seattle seahawks i mean that locker rooms always been you say what you feel and the chips fall where they made that's how they always operated things and that's it is earl thomas is no different than the other thing i feel like it's very unique that any active nfl player is such a fan of another team that he like i just don't hear that very or you would never see it you never say on camera in front of teammates.

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