President Trump, Britain, Prime Minister Boris Johnson discussed on Dr. Daliah


Tax returns. Exit. Wanna know what he paid always seen four Trump tax returns in the last 45 years. This being our last ever since you've been running for President Biden again also criticized the president's Corona virus response. Britain's Prime Minister Boris Johnson is preparing to announce new restrictions to stop a surgeon Kuroda virus cases. One of his Cabinet member says People will be urged to work from home if they can, but schools should stay open. Britain seeing a spike recently and both reported infections and hospitalizations from the virus. Well straight now on a four day losing streak. Asian stock markets closing Tuesday mixed Dow futures trading about 100 points Lower America is listening to Fox News. From the Fox News Podcasts Network campaign with threadbare president has experienced a bump in recent polling as unrest continues in several parts of the country political editor at the National Journal Just crush our He's spending money in Minnesota state that Hillary Clinton won, so they wouldn't be doing that if they didn't see movement in the polls. If there wasn't a little movement back in the Republican direction, subscribe in Listen now goingto foxnews dot com America is listening to use your nation founded on principles on freedom with leaders have changed the course of human civilization. When we take part in democracy, we control our destiny. We exercise our rights and hold our leaders accountable. Can we always speak our mind? We may.

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