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Maybe even Saturday as the storm is expected to stall along the coast, FOX meteorologist Janice dean says that could have the measuring the rain in feats. We could see destruction far inland from the coast, not just along the coastal communities, which could be devastating, especially if this hurricane just sits out there insurance for two or three days worth Carolina. Lieutenant governor, Dan forest. You always absolutely have to prepare for the worst. In exodus has already begun as people evacuate along the Virginia. And Carolina coasts hearing a dangerous storm surge, I left my home. And so I had to board up the home and make the necessary precaution. She left Charleston flew to Philadelphia. Fox's Griff Jenkins is Carter county and they've got to be gone by eight pm today. Tomorrow morning at seven AM the bridge onto Olympic city where I am. We'll be closed, and you cannot get in. You cannot get out and people here. Remember hurricane Hazel in nineteen fifty four the rip the island apart people are enduring long lines for gas stations ran out store shelves or emptying president. Trump's of the federal government is totally prepared. He also said a year after hurricane Maria. I think was tremendous. I think the Puerto Rico was incredible. Unsown success Puerto Rico's. Governor recently raised the number killed by the storm and in the powerless aftermath to nearly three thousand people. It's Wendy in Hawaii is tropical storm a Livia closes in with the landfall this morning. Some areas of Maui could get up to twenty inches of rain sixteen years after Elizabeth smart was abducted from her bedroom in Utah fourteen year old kidnappers will get out of prison next week. Wanda Barsy will be set free six years early. Elizabeth smart in a statement, call bars release incomprehensible and bet she's disappointed by it. She says she will address it publicly in the coming days. Fox's grenell? Scott, Fox News, fair and balanced..

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