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And summer of 91, I'm working at a Kentucky fried chicken and they say you have a phone call. So what the egg and it's just Phil Apollo. I told him I worked at a Kentucky fried chicken and he called all these different cookies, but I think it's trying to find me and said he had been doing extra work. Oh, that's great for WWF. And he said, they want me to bring another guy. So I went up in August of 91 and had my first I was still in high school. Just turned 18. And my birthday was in July. This is like August 19th. And I wrestled the Beverly brothers. That's unbelievable, because you're talking about 91 because it wasn't until about 98 or so when the light heavyweight division started. So all those years you would do an extra work there. Yeah, I signed in February of 97 when I started the first light heavyweight tournament that the tournament there. But yeah, so I did extra work and ended up going to Memphis to work for USWA in 93 for a couple of months, came back, did more extra work. And I was actually working live events. House shows as an extra. I would be like the go to guy in the northeast of somebody missed their flight or they were because it wasn't a developmental system at the time. So they would just find somebody local. And that was their guy up in that area. I think the guy we always had in the Winnipeg area was Scott McGee. Yeah. Yeah, I remember that. Every time you saw Scott McGee, like, oh, I know he's going to lose, but he wins. So you were just kind of keeping yourself busy on the indie scene then. So then finally was the catalyst to get you signed to WWE. I was taz. It was either taz or dreamer, got me booked for two days of tryouts with ECW. And they were going to be in Massachusetts. On Friday and Saturday. But on Thursday, they were going to WWF was going to taper raw. I have a hard time saying WWE when I'm talking about this time. I know, I know. Right. So what it is, you say what you want. Yeah. And so if it was going to be taping raw, because they were going into the Christmas break on Thursday. So I go, I'll leave a day early. I'll stop and I'll just try to talk to Bruce prichard and say, maybe just kind of push him. Let's go, hey, I'm going to work for ECW over the next couple of days. And so I saw him and he was in a hurry when I ran into him and he said, I can't talk right now. He said, but can you call me on Wednesday? So, yeah, sure. So I go and I do Friday Saturday. I work to ask for ECW for TV taping. And the very first night, taz and dreamer brought me into a room. I said, we want to do something with you. And then I said, can I let you know next week? Bruce Richard wants to talk to me on Wednesday. So I called Bruce on Wednesday and he said, yeah, I would like to offer you start his light heavyweight division and we'd like to give you a contract. You finally got it. Got it. Yeah. How was that light heavyweight division? How was joke and say, you know, we've changed the term over the years from jobber to local to extra. That was good. Now it's light heavyweight division. Did you know I was eliminated from that from that tournament by? Who? Kane. Why was Kane? So I won my first round match. I went to the second round match, which was supposed to be against Brian Christopher, but this was when Kane had just come in and he was just coming out, joke slamming too. Everybody, right? So they send me to the ring and waiting for Brian to come out and they hear Kane's music hits comes down, same thing. Chokeslam, tombstone. I'm out of the tournament. Brian just advances. Totally legal. Wouldn't it be? Which is funny because didn't you and Canada riding together for years and years? It's such a great deal, man. And it was cool at the time because we could travel together. Nobody really knew who we were, because without my hair spiked, you know, right, 8 inches in the air, and with him without the mask on, you know, they thought they were probably wrestlers, but they didn't know we were. So, as you mentioned, the late 90s, the W is trying to in their own kind of quaint way. We know what WB is all about, go to the F it's about big guys, but they were trying to kind of, you know, keep the trend in the fashion and being kind of current and having a light tournament, have you returned? Because that's the time when WCW the cruiserweights and ECW was going. But they really didn't do too much with it. I really know what to do with it. No. They never have, you know, even when they try to bring back two O 5. This is the last version of it. It's the same thing over and over. And I would tell those guys, dude, I used to be you guys. 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