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Hurricane Center specialist Daniel Brown says it's now category. Three storm is expected to make landfall later this week. Now, we're looking at potential for impacts in the southeast US along south coast by Thursday or Friday has four exactly where it'll hit it's early but models haven't heading for the south east or mid Atlantic. Co residents essentially from Georgia through the Carolinas in the evening into the middle antics states need to be paying close attention to the forecast performed Brown says it's expected to game strength potentially reaching category. Four status, but that it will weaken once it hits land where rain and wind will be a real problem could produce a prolonged period of very heavy rainfall across portions of the middle Antic region. And that's another one of the main concerns not only the wind. But also the dangerous storm surge and potential for for flooding orange is being compared. To Harvey because of the slow mover and a big rainmaker expected to hang around for a while after hitting land, South Carolina, North Carolina and the Virginia have already declared a state of emergency. Serena Williams as find seventeen thousand dollars in the aftermath of the US open final and the Women's Tennis Association calls for equal treatment of all tennis players AP correspondent Juliet Walker reports the seventeen thousand dollar fine stems from three code violations. Serena Williams received during her loss to Naomi Osaka. In the US Open final verbal abuse of the chair on pyre coaching and breaking Haracic, the WPA along with Williams and critics inside and outside of tennis argued that she was not treated the same as some male players. In addition men's champion Novak Djokovic said he thought the chair on pyre who Williams argued with should not have pushed her so hard. Julie Walker New York protests against Russia's plan to increase the age for collecting state pensions were held this weekend. Nearly three hundred people reported arrested. The government plan calls for the eligibility age for retirement. Pensions to be raised by five years to sixty five for men and sixty for women opposition to it spans, the political spectrum Alexei navalny, the anti corruption activists who is President Vladimir Putin's most prominent urged supporters to protest the pension proposal on Sunday that was before he was sentenced to thirty days in jail for organizing an unsanctioned January. Protests evolving, a different issue photos on social media and footage from the maleness YouTube channel indicated most of the protest attracted one hundred people at minimum in cities across Russia's eleven timezones raising the pension age is opposed by both older. Russians who fear they won't live long enough to collect significant benefits. And by young adults worried that keeping people in the workforce longer will limit their own employment opportunities top tier football clubs in Europe combined to make a first time prophet of six hundred million euros last year. Uefa research involving seven hundred eleven clubs financial accounts showed they turned around a three hundred million euro loss the previous year UEFA said twenty-seven of fifty four top tier divisions in its member. Countries were profitable. That's out from eight in twenty eleven when you began monitoring accounts of all clubs, call a fine to enter the Champions League and Europa league booming values. Broadcasting rights have largely driven the rising. Revenues deals have been made around the world for the Champions League, and the popularity of the English Premier League and Spain's LA Liga have helped for the next three years UEFA will pay thirty percent increased prize money. And it's to clump competitions, the thirty two Champions League teams this season will share at one point nine five billion euros from UEFA the trial over the Volkswagen emissions scandal has begun on behalf of investors. AP's Charles day with desma reports, they say the company. Didn't give them timely notice after it was caught rigging cars to cheat on diesel emissions tests. Investors, a seeking ten point four billion dollars saying those fog and didn't give them the facts they needed to decide what to do with their shares before the scandal became public. The US Environmental Protection Agency had accused those Thakin in September two thousand fifteen manipulating diesel emissions. Sending investors shares sharply lower. The DP news agency says the claims from investors to be considered in the German cooled who serve as a model. The third. The cases the company argues it met its duty to inform investors on time. I'm Charleston, LA desma. Hi. I'm Megan crane AP digital manager and host of the podcast ground game. I look at the top political issues bubbling up around the country ahead of this year's midterm elections. It's available on apple podcasts and podcast one. While you're there, be sure to subscribe rate and review it that's the podcast.

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