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That's the coldest day in one hundred and four years on that day and also at the same time twenty one remote automatic weather stations in oregon recorded below freezing temperatures twenty one of them so what you're saying is that guest team we've talked about so often pushing up in on the eastern side pushing down on the western side but the cold is more newsworthy and important then what's happening with the war so earth cycle once again onto recycle yeah and also by the way by on the twenty sixth of june i it was yeah twenty six june they recorded the coldest temperature in talking minus a hundred and forty four degrees fahrenheit not hardly made the news either so this is the pattern that we see with fake news thank you tim cadaver with us i love talking about trends and nobody does it better than gerald celente and he's our guest next on coast to coast am you know jerome corsi the famous author and investigative writer and he appears on our program a lot will jerome corsi has a new book out it's called killing the deep state it's an amazing book and reveals for the first time the identities of the secret government who oppose president trump killing the deep state has become a new york times number one amazon bestseller and for good reason it's revelations are simply shocking even bill o rien lease praised the book so get killing the deep state and also tune into newsmax tv and watch jerome corsi all this week course he has predicted almost every major story with president trump now he says another big shoe will drop soon so get killing the deep state and then tune into.

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