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And he takes a step that is so fundamentally anti truth that i don't think that there is a way a president could survive that m in remember you know it's not as if a special council has the power to throw someone in jail by themselves no matter who they are and i would love to talk about who this special council liz robert muller in his credentials in a moment but let us say who had one that ensuring general appointed a bozo the bozo wouldn't be able to indochino put someone in jail the bozo first has to work with a staff and supervised by the acting attorney general of the united states snow husiac the attorney general of the united states the deputy attorney general rod rosenstein and who put rod rosenstein in power it wasn't barack obama it was president trump this is where isn't stena's trump's guy he's the guy he put their so if if president trump asked the deputy attorney general rod rosenstein to fire the special counsel robert muller and rosenstein refused then he could than trump could fire rosenstein in his replacement w would be asked to fire robert muller in that that could that could go on for a while but um the other possibility at or at least an other possibility that that president trump could use would be to fire rod rosenstein and to replace him with somebody who would have a very favorable i toward president trump so is addison barrier that you could see playing out and working under the guidelines for the special counsel as you wrote them so it is possible for the president to try to further rosenstein rosenstein is a presidential pointy his i say he's trump's guy and he can be removed by trump um he'd have to be replaced in some way in order for the deputy attorney general to have any function so you'd have to put someone else in place normally that requires senate confirmation to put that person in place and i would suspect that there would be incredible blood on the floor of the us senate uh just the most divisive debate possible if.

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