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What's going on funds on how you doing man room fucking great man. It's fourth of july kicking it. It's a three day weekend for me. And i got my pal though. Seki's right next to me so i'm fucking i'm ready to get into these five picks frank. It's gonna be a great day for me on that does out there. Thank you for listening was so severe drinking my coffee here in my coffee that my wife got me. These signs teachers are like a pro. Tom always positive nice. Nice but they get your notebook ready. Get your pen out and we're about to get you some pigs to make the money you can do on game. Whatever betting west side you like. I like to use my book. Dot com But if you got another one that you'd like to use out there let us know. Hit us up for always just like hanging out news site. I just like to bet against eddie. All the time. 'cause he loses all the time like taking his thanks. Sorry eddie truth comes out truth. Wildly comes out. Hey before we get started. I want to give a big shout out to all the boys at rivalry. I know it's fourth of july. Some of the guys will get their freedom roles in down there at company twenty one. They opened up their doors for them. Happen that opening open. So what's up little my dj jeff on the ones in twos getting on the mats. Mr ryan compete sqi. Anybody else out there have fun. Boys enjoy it. Are you ready to get into these fights. Berlin sco ahead and was the first one frank. Do do the more. Like i was saying earlier to demand the more i look at this car. The more i go down the list. And i just keep getting a harder and harder choke for these fights. Because there's some really good fights fights we're just gonna were basically gonna talk main card and then a few fights from the premiums that i want to talk about so let's start by talking about the fight. We were just talking about ryan hall taking on to puria meals dot. What like ufc..

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