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It on demand from Fox News and Amazon. Alexa. When will the Senate start the impeachment trial that is still not known. Yet Several Senate Republicans air not signaling how they would vote in an impeachment trial for President Trump the House of Hur of a single article of impeachment, charging the president for incitement of insurrection. Related the last week's violent riot in breach of the U. S. Capitol. Alaska Republican Lisa Murkowski called the impeachment appropriate in previously called for President Trump to resign. Top Senate Republican Mitch McConnell says his mind is not made up on a verdict. He has told colleagues he will listen the legal arguments when they're presented to the Senate. That presentation of evidence is unlikely to begin before Joe Biden is sworn in as the 46th president. Jared Halpern, a Fox News Well if it happens after President Trump's out of office, the effort will be aimed at preventing him from running again would take 17 Republicans to join Democrats to get a conviction. As security is ramped up in the nation's capital. Several air carriers are barring passengers from transporting weapons in there checked baggage on flights in and out of the Washington, DC area. Delta, United American Frontier and Alaska Airlines have initiated the new policy, which will be in effect for a week. Starting Saturday. Airports are also increasing security and staff, citing confrontation scene after last week's deadly violence of the U. S. Capitol. Individual airlines have recently banned hundreds of passengers for violating mass mandates as well as unruly behavior and harass. Manav aircrews Rich Dennison Fox News on Wall Street. Dow futures down about 100 points the day after modest selling the NFL playoffs resume this weekend. One team that missed out has a new coach. The New York Jets Thursday announced that San Francisco 40 Niners defensive coordinator Robert Sala will take over as the team's next head coach. Sala had been highly discussed target for head coaching vacancy in the NFL in recent years, spending the last four seasons as defensive coordinator for the Niners. Jets fired out.

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