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It is something to cheer you up and it is a selfaware cry for attention what does that mean i mean pick me up is sort of this great joke that i think a lot of my work houses you can read it as a positive or negative and so there's something for everyone and especially with pick me up i wanted to create what is essentially a very blood self care mental health aware journal but i didn't wanna call it the selfcare mental health journal kazan the people who could really benefit from it would either never give it a shot or be afraid to carry it around and so pick me up is a gift that someone older than you gives you and you're like oh great quirky and then he opener and you're like who okay i'm going to save this for later and so it it was meant to sort of sit on a shelf and not scream i'm full of secrets but then become a place to be full of secrets you've said that this book is what you wish you had when you were fourteen why is that 'cause i was a mess because i you know that's a time i think that were fall of insecurity and we just there's so much jumbling around as an early teen and also you don't trust anybody and so there's no one to talk to about it so the idea of using a paper journal sure if you don't need that push but a book like pick me up that encourages you to write and draw frankly about what's happening and then also forces you to keep.

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