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Brent more can started out his career with two attentiongrabbing films that he directed with net burstein she was on our podcast last year an episode twenty two their first collaboration in 1999 was on the ropes about three young boxers in brooklyn that was nominated for an academy award they're follow up in two thousand two was the kids stays in the picture based on the autobiography of maverick hollywood producer robert evans my first independent production had its origins over a state dinner with bob count unravelled in original story use writing this about how los angeles insisted water it said in his second reaching eighty six by a mysterious socialite i'm reading and for nicholson i admit nichols defused back became greek pounds has perfect for irish which had called chinatown chinatown immediate takes place in chinatown seat of mine added new at the vote in the room after the kids states in the picture net and bret moved on to separate solo careers brett made chicago 10 about the radicals who clashed with police at the 1968 democratic convention in were later put on trial each of those three films had a distinct style on the ropes was observational the kid states in the picture made inventive use of still images in chicago ten employed full animation to evoke the past brett went on to make a documentary for the rolling stones fiftieth anniversary it's called crossfire hurricane and a film about nirvana bandleader kurt cobain called montage of hack.

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