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Site-wide hey guys welcome back to the show As promised we have a fixture in what I consider to be one of the Premier's sports organizations in all of sports the LA LAKERS. And I'm not just saying that because we live in La. We grew up in Saint Louis and we were still super aware of the Lakers in the eighties. Jeanie Buss thank you so much for joining us on the show. How are you thank you for having me? It's a pleasure to be here. Well it is. I mean this year this year was like the best year for the NBA. I thought in memory memory. Yeah in recent memory. It's such a shame that the season had to get cut short because the battle that was going on in La. I mean. We've never seen anything like it. I don't think we've ever because there have been teams. Yes there was the subway series of the Yankees and the mets but they only played in the world series. Like you're in the same conference with the Clippers and going toe to toe. Tell us what that was like this year. Just seen that firsthand right. I mean I think you also have to throw in there the Golden State Warriors. I mean for me. It had been you know. It's been seven years since we've been in the playoffs so we've watched golden state dominate. You know the clippers obviously being really good You know it really was on us to raise our game so that we could be part of the conversation again and so you know the idea that the the Lakers have are at the top of the Western Conference. You know. It's been a in terms of when we could play basketball. We were do pretty hit the first game of the year. You guys played the clippers. Like I can't even remember a first game of an NBA season being that. I'm like we're looking at the Western Conference finals preview right here I mean. I think you wouldn't say that but I'm telling you as a sports fan. I'm watching that and it was exciting. I mean as far as the first game of the season wasn't that incredible. And you know we law so for me an Essen Crystal. Certainly I think that kind of gave us an indication of what we needed to do in the direction to go in and certainly we You know Figured it out and you know as we got later in the season and we were able to. You know to bring our a game when needed to Out Contend with the best team believe I mean I think a huge factor in that is the fact that you can have two superstars having to try and understand how to play with each other and how to complement each other in that. That obviously doesn't happen in game. One that happens in game twenty-five and then builds by game forty and then in game sixty year hopefully clicking on all cylinders getting into the playoffs and now you have you know even in the context of watching this Jordan documentary which I love to get your thoughts on as well Last dance but the fact that Jordan had pippen when Jordan didn't have tippin even when they had won all that those first Games in nineteen ninety seven ninety eight. They were like a foreign fourteen. So you realize how much you know. This is a League of not just one player but you need one. Plus two knockout punches. And then you need amazing robots. Am I right to say that? I mean I I don't set a roster like I'll never be that type of owner. That thinks I'm smarter than the basketball people. But certainly I think what? Ropley has built in terms of our roster and our coaching staff which is You know an elite coaching staff from top to bottom and You know I think. The combination of those two things has really paid off hardest. How hard is that to do though? It's your money and you know what I'm saying like you you you can kind of see you see like Jerry Jones drafting from his yacht. And you're like okay. You clearly tone-deaf in these times to draft from You have a two hundred fifty million out fine. But I'm saying that translates into him being on the field like making decisions and all that other stuff that your team you can do it the way you want. How difficult is it to be hands off enough to just say okay? I delegated you'd be this play operations person. This general manager in this. You'd be the coach and I'll do my thing and provide you with what you need to do to be successful at lucky for me. I learned from you know who might be arguably the most the greatest or most successful owner of all time in Dr Jerry Buss and that was how he put together teams that he was always a presence Which I think is important to the fans and two players and to you know just a landscape that you have engaged owner who cares and is going to put everything that they have in terms of resources to You know Build a team that could contend for a championship so You Know I learned from Dr.

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