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The bullpen. But got really good at bats. And yeah, I I'll start with Williamson me what a great story made his kid didn't make our team as wing training. He he was expected to make it in and we'd put him on waivers, and we're lucky nobody claimed him. He goes back Sacramento gets his game back and comes up has quite today. Byu? But really if you look at the lineup, I mean from one throughway everybody made a contribution. Well, Bunga hit to get him. But anyway, a lot of big two out hits too and Williamson. The three run Homer. That breaks the one one tie the next time. He's up there with a couple of men on it gets behind the count and still gets a single. It's always impressive to hit the home run. But I was pretty impressed with that base. It was not a not a hanging pitch. It was a pretty tough looking pitch. Yeah. I'm with you on that. Really good a bad. Good pizza to to strike hitting trying to do too much. And you know, he took it up to middle. And that was impressive because he's known for his power. You know, what goes with power strikeouts? But did a good job of putting up ball in play. Good things happen in in place to just right? And the the throw he plays that double off the wall and hits Crawford Crawford and Posey both made exceptional places well to get top at the plate. But it started with the the the the great relief from MAC Williamson. And it does start with the first guy, and we talked about that all the time spring training for the outfielder. We we don't want him taking this time in trying to load up and make a big throw just get rid of it give to the infielder and let him do most of the work. And what I mean he set to have his momentum going toward own play. He. Can make a longer throw in an.

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