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A your i'll frothy poor hey delon hey hey though y you're it's my birthday today be birthday i hope it is a wonderful day i heard it is a blessed day and i hope you have a lot of good fortune throughout 2018 ah at you wanna know sharpen thank you for that day appreciated but i'm gonna put a smile on his face j 'cause i know you're a little bit down so i'm gonna make a prediction on my birthday okay that fish new york yankee team last year they get around 200 in forty home is and they didn't have giancarlo staff them now i don't think it's i think it's difficult but i don't think it's impossible that this team could possibly hit three hundred home runs as a team it's never been gone i'm making this prediction that kid because i really believe that this team ms that powerful and once again the yankees will lift this shitty out of mediocrity once again when they have that little parade down the counting of heroes plenty i like their for him do i mean you take about it we've been waiting for a parade down a kenya heroes since the new york giants nls super bowl championship and the yankees have not had one which for their standards is a very very long time going all the way back to two thousand not i think three hundred home runs is a lot remember the major league record is two hundred sixty four but a seattle mariners in 1997 that was the mayor and a team that had the likes of griffey jr and alex rodriguez and jay buhner and edgar martinez warded auditing ordered with power lauded with talent they shanke came up and down a lotta lots similarities the differences that mariners team sat from randy johnson their number two started with age of for sarah this yankee rotation despite the fact that a lot of people or canada throwing shade saying is not that good san it's not that pawn i don't agree ma going to sit here and tell you it's the best rotation baseball know none on on a matter therefore if the nationals ever signed jake arrieta could imagine our rotation shares are strasbourg area that would be a ball onetwothree.

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