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And i don't know kind of a wacky year with johnny depp sean penn is a good job in that movie they will he was great in that movie but was that the first pirates of the caribbean yeah johnny depp was pretty britt and that it's funny how he's so brilliant in that first one and then by the time you get to like seventeen thron home my god yes no but the first go round that awesome that's pretty impressive that that character i thought he was great i mean he was basically playing a pirate version of the stones keith richards yes i heard dep is bankrupt he may be doing pirates of the caribbean twenty eight man he bought islands and boats castle nncholas cage did this too he looked around he goes i don't have any money would you spend your money on i don't know i bought like dinosaur heads and i bought fortyseven cannons built a moat at my house doing drop for all this money into dragon research hopper catapulted need do you sit from fourteen hundred his his lawyers are as people said he was spending thirty thousand a month on wine johnny depp that that holds no value who's drinking at that no it'll hold value if you don't drink it he was requiring it like art he was pounding down twelve dollar bottles at a time i think he was i think he was his character in pirates of the caribbean.

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