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Away fox thirty one pinpoint weather mostly sunny today the high will be near seventy six degrees we do have seventy three right now in the metro area a week after being sprayed in the face with a fire extinguisher at Salt Lake City smoker says that he will now be filing a lawsuit John Byrd was confronted by the owner of a vegan restaurant as he lit up down the street from the business as he approached we noticed that he was carrying a fire extinguisher informed us that he was not going to tolerate any further smoking by me at that location what happened next was caught on video. says he has needed medical treatment since the incident his lawyer says the restaurant owner wrongly tried to be the judge jury and executioner a father and son were shocked in Qana for last night were taken to the hospital with non life threatening injuries the sauna juvenile was taken into custody the police say two male suspects are still on the run but are not believed to be in the common area and they say this was not a random shooting jury del que when you saw last week this road was closed because of a wildfire now it's up for clean up project there's a full closure of US six in Clear Creek canyon set for Saturday from seven AM to one thirty the roads can be close from highway ninety three at a highway what nineteen so five hundred volunteers can collect trash from the road and the stream bank Broncos have a who's who of players who are questionable for Sunday's game the Broncos rather final practice of the week is a welcome the Jacksonville Jaguars on Sunday and had Godric Fangio was asked about a number of players and other than the obvious players will be out in rice Callahan into one James the rest of the roster were questionable so whether that's full back into Jan of its defense of back Kareem Jackson linebacker Josie jewel linebacker Joe Jones defensive and Derek Wolfe they were all listed as questionable so we'll have to wait until Sunday to see if they crack the forty six man roster at U..

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