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And it was such amazing weber the soft beach palettes and the bright poppy which is the california state flower make the spring summit shoes a spectacular celebration of all things calafornia you probably thinking whether it sounds like auxerre something the to halt to f osama summa well these are naturally thermostatic and the sheepskin therefore automatically responds to changes in temperature which is pretty clever there's the california late for collection which i love at is perfect if you lead an active outdoor lifestyle all of this chapter that california is making me won't go back that pretty soon but at least for now i can lounge around in my beautiful ag's if you want to get some yourself avoid discount visit ulc dot com to shop the new springs styles and use the promo code c t r l for ten percent off one of that full priced items all the way through to april the fast thanks for listening and here's the episode like ready like a never the people around me agreed with the situation i wanted to help and that's what's can be going vessels stanley throughout it because without all those people who not great me but just care about people unlike minded and want to help me a dublin becomes do it like yes the core team is man ryan but this tertiary people this people around me that helping me i think you have to helped us help i think you have to not be too proud to 'cause i'm messaging i'm you know emailing people and be like i need you to the point of each for me like i've met and before you know i'm not concerned push a general wet fine accomplish opera comes on bosnia con sound like i'm being she keep up at the end of the i am treasuries laura i'm days like every woman the cup jaso i need to be on the only one doing it like a half to be i don't waste of the time thing because you have that you said you do have a fulltime job yet yeah yeah like my dhabidubai around the birth of the time to be going hate you mind if sorry if i'm in a way you know we just need to get it done by the all the peoples ron.

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