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Those leaving college do what you think is right doing what feels good what's convenient what's easy that's all kids thank unfortunately a lot of so called grown ups including some with fancy titles important jobs still think that way which is why things are so screwed up that notwithstanding states and territories continue loosening virus related restrictions CBS news update on top forty and KCBS news time now at the nine net thirty two has our news watch continues this week we've been airing a special series highlighting the fight against the covert nineteen pandemic in one of San Francisco's most vulnerable neighborhoods the Bayview district in this rebroadcasts of the series we are calling a crisis and community KCBS as was across reports on the community organizing at the heart of that fight begins with a strong sense of neighborhood pride San Francisco's Bayview offers more than relative affordability it is a true community says artist Nate Watson who moved to the neighborhood about four years ago more than you know living on the lets you street or Oakland or any of the places that I live here in the bay area I feel like people really get out of their homes and they talk to each other here you and I really don't know why that is I don't know why that can't happen other places but I do know for sure that absolutely happens here the neighborhood is one of the city's most diverse with significant black Latin necks and Asian populations and thirty year resident Yvonne Hines says good things are happening in babies we're a community that is like a Phoenix we are on the rise here however baby also has some serious challenges the area's median annual income is just over half of the city's overall median income and.

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