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He says the Browns made a great decision. Hiring them. He's hired Steve Wilks to run his defense. Todd Mahnken as his offensive coordinator as for Adam gays is now while he stays in the division. Taking over the jets. Been able to especially in the last few days, really hammer out as much as I could on him and start looking at the things that I've seen him do really well, some of the things that we can possibly work on and really it's gonna I mean it's going to start with him. I mean, that's that's an obvious statement. And I'm excited because this is really the first time I've been able to to get with this young this early in his career, you know, we're going into year two, and I mean, he's a hungry. He's hungry for knowledge. He he wants to be coached, which when you have that type of player that does have the physical traits. This is an exciting thing for me to go through saying he's looking forward to working with Sam darnold third player taken in last year's NFL draft. So just a year of experience under his belt gays became available when the dolphins let him go after three seasons and a record of twenty three and twenty six including the wild card loss a year ago. Meanwhile. There's going to be chilly conditions over Kansas City for Sunday's AFC championship game. Patriots used to that being on the east coast chiefs and patriots getting set for the championship. Temperatures. Are kickoff. Could be ten degrees to below zero. Could be the coldest game in Arrowhead history. In Chicago, the fallout continues from Cody Parke's, double donc days may be numbered is head coach Matt Nagy expressing disappointment Monday with Parke's decision to appear on TV and talking about what happened in that game. He says we win and lose as a team. While the Houston Rockets are a team, but they've got one guy who certainly carries a good chunk of the load, and it resulted in an NBA record on Monday more on that straight ahead is sportscenter allnight continues. It's ESPN.

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