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Ms Every I mean while while Houston was busy with Swisher House little flip. Uk and you guys had Guillotine the Casino Champ Solomon in Infinite Abdulah FAB dues Ricci flow. You know so many cool. Yes that was. That was a good time man like it was still a lot of everybody was still young and you know had some time and. I'm glad we got to do that. A. New Renaissance Records. That's what you're talking about right. Yeah and I'm glad you brought it up. You guys are all young. I mean you up on Ricci flow and like in current current times because he couldn't make music is full-time Gig so he pays the bills being a magician. Well Yeah Richie is now definitely one of the more amazing humans. I've ever met Ricci flow. Y'All check him out. Yeah I just you know. It's I get a little lump in my throat when I find out that people talented people good people can't make music full-time. I'm glad to see mark. Spitz is still making music. He has a new video with guilty Simpson and he reps Dallas hard. So it's didn't even know that that's tight it's manages it warms my heart to see people that are just doing something for a long time and it's cool if you have a day job and you. WanNa Day job but if your heart is set on music and you know men of a certain age they gotta go get a job so so so real quick. Are you from Kaleen? I grope her so you've been around here for a while. Yeah born and raised here. So if there's anything Texas rap I know about it. Cool name right. I mean you know who else was big in the day where I lived fucking Josh Wink. I remember being in the Josh Wink. I mean he was huge with that argue their joint. Then I don't know if Texas had. Dnc went and destroyed the whole genre from a mainstream perspective. So it's kind of pulled back a bit now but I feel I feel like it was done before. Scroll for sure you just you know. Yeah I mean I I. I saw Josh wink somewhere in like I can't remember. He was like two thousand or something but it was. It was some good times. It was a different scene. That out there and you weren't always in Texas you lived in New York at one point. Right yeah moved to New York for only there for like a year but I love New York if I if I had an opportunity I would move back in a minute. We're brought you back. Because I know Texas can kind of be like a black hole at sexy back? Yeah for sure but Ran into a a bad roommate situation. You know what I'll be real with you. I moved to the East Coast and I had the exact same thing and came right back. When I was in Maryland I wasn't in New York. I was living with craigslist roommates. The whole year in like one of them went bad. So you still enjoy going to places like Jj's pizza green elephant or Andy Green Elephant they Yes it's crazy that still around. I HAVEN'T BEEN IN YEARS. Yeah. Jj's every once in a while a happy hour gig on Tuesdays. Dan Silver Leaf on there every week. Andy's is a frequent spot Adam been the green ellison years man. That's crazy it's still open. If I told you the the music I like. I can't tell you why I like it but I can recognize it. I think a lot of people if you say you know. Why do you like the Song I think? A lot of people can't tell you why but they can recognize it and you're you're a creator of your music. Every minute is a cohesive project. It was thought that went into it. There was calculated decisions into what vocals or instruments used here. Let me let me say something that could maybe help you better clarify you take someone like miles. Davis the majority would say kind of blue speaks of them. Because it's a good entry point in the jazz but yours was in a silent way. It speaks to you. How do you determine that the in a silent way.

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