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Tweet me your number one takeaway here from george raveling i met jordan harbinger on both twitter and instagram and don't forget if you wanna learn how to apply the things you've learned here from coach raveling make sure you go grab those worksheets those are also in the show notes jordan harbinger dot com slash podcast we've got our alexis skill if you haven't checked that out yet throw that up on your echo you can poke around in the alexa app on your phone get the daily flash briefing with clips from the show to refresh your memory about things you've already heard or give you a little taste of what might be next for your commute that day you can also go to jordan harbinger dot com slash alexa and logging amazon and it'll install it right then and there oh i wanted to announce something i'm going to this conference september six through nine twenty just in case you're listening to this at around random time september six nine at camp walden which is in canada it's called fireside and it's going to be a great time this like four hundred entrepreneurs going there you can join me i've got sixteen spots for my quote unquote cabin don't worry you won't actually have to share a cabin with me but your application will skip to the front of the waiting list and you get a five hundred dollar discount if you're accepted so it ends up being two grand canadian fireside conference dot com slash jordan fireside conference like conference dot com slash jordan i think it's going to be read i think it's going to be superfund fireside it's an invite only all inclusive retreat for top performing entrepreneurs founders innovators influencers media does cool camp in a remote location about three hours from toronto seven hundred and fifty acres of private green space on a beautiful lake it's gonna be fun we're going to do water skiing canoeing rock climbing yoga fitness meditation there's going to be cool talks events lakeside keynotes mastermind sessions this really is for top performing individuals that want to take their business to the next level you need to be willing to jump out of your comfort zone a little bit there's no cell reception so beware of that no tech it's kind of like a digital detox there's no vip there's no sorry you're not cool enough to go to this everyone's cool enough.

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