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Zuma, Israel, Benyamin Netanyahu discussed on Today


Zuma and the attorney general in israel is considering whether to charge the prime minister benyamin netanyahu with corruption the bbc news is red by chris aldridge the foreign secretary boris johnson will insist today that leaving the european union is a cause for hope not fair in a speech in london mr johnson will attempt to offer reassurance to those remained voters who feel angry and alienated by brexit bertil also say that those who want to stay in the eu cannot and will not win the argument is all political correspondent ben right this speech is a recognition of the deep divisions brexit's has opened an an attempt to build some common ground boris johnson the cabinet's most prominent brexit tear will say it's not enough to tell remains supporters you lost get over it he will say many have noble sentiments and brexit supporters ms reach out to those used still have anxieties the foreign secretaries emollient tone is tempered with a warning the trying to stop brexit would be a disastrous mistake that would lead to permanent feelings of betrayal this is the first of a number of speeches by cabinet ministers over the next few weeks build a setting out in more detail the direction of brexit it's no secret the cabinet is divided on how closely the uk in eu should align after britain leaves the eu and mr johnson is expected to say the uk must take back full control of regulations and tariff shedules and that anything else would be intolerable last month the eu said it expected the uk to follow all the blocks rules and regulations during the transition period following brexit but without any say in decisionmaking mps have said the home office's ill equipped to cope with changes to the immigration system him after brexit because staff already struggling with a lack of resources a report by the commons home affairs committee says the department is planning ending moderate adjustments for an immense bureaucratic challenge the home office says preparations for brexit a weather advanced and more staff being recruited.

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