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Lawn Forsman association says he was very surprised by the firings of a Phoenix police detective and an officer but believes they will be back on the job after the appeal the decision a discipline review board made up of police employees and community members recommended suspensions without pay for the detective David sweat and officer Christopher Myer then explosion of Gerry Williams fired both yesterday this is Phoenix law enforcement association president Brett London truly feel that the chief decision lot of politics a play a part in that as for this goes next taken appeal with the decision to the civil service board as soon as they receive their discipline paperwork we're going to take that over and get meeting dates Jim cross KTAR news Chandler police have arrested a fifty four year old woman in the fatal hit and run from Monday morning that killed the fifty year old man and his twelve year old son it happened there almost school road and Chandler Boulevard Machel Hagerman faces two counts of leaving the scene of an accident with death she told police that she believed she had a dog instead of the two pedestrians questions remain after in Bay City Arizona's Douglas prison had brown water that smelled like petroleum we do have an issue with it one of our facilities Arizona governor Doug Ducey responding to questions asked about what's going on in Cochise county after well affected water delivered to the Douglas prison our new director of corrections director shin is on top of this I know that we've had discussions with the municipality and how we fix this the Arizona department of corrections says the prison drained all water from the bad take since then water has been running clear with no additional issues we want our inmates to be safe we want our correctional officers to be safe alley that inner KTA our news president trump's impeachment inquiry chaos on Capitol Hill roughly two dozen house Republicans tried to storm a closed door secure room where Deputy Assistant secretary of defense Laura Cooper is testifying as part of the trump impeachment hearings the Republicans are upset about what they see as a lack of transparency in the impeachment inquiry earlier Arizona Republican congresswoman Debbie Lesko sounded off on reported closed door impeachment proceedings by democratic hi Adam Schiff this is totally unjust it's totally unfair let's go went on to say he wants us to believe that he's like a special counsel in these closed door meetings over here that I can't go into as a member of the Judiciary Committee a few dozen Republican members stalked out of the meetings urging shift to open it up to them keep tuned to KTAR for continuing coverage of the efforts to impeach president trump president trump as remove the sanctions imposed on Turkey and once again praised his decision to withdraw U. S. forces from northern Syria let someone else fight over this long blood stayed and sand you know it's these received word of a permanent ceasefire between Turkey and Russia here we go again more blackouts today in northern California Pacific gas and electric says in order to prevent wildfires it will go ahead with power shut offs to nearly one hundred eighty thousand northern California customers this afternoon downtown Phoenix as something new the.

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