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You are both you are the real deal go ahead jake thanks head until that to capture nick he'll love it all right now we join your regularly scheduled program yeah get it on got to get on tragic going fast because i want to get to the best hour in the universe reasonable doubt amount of growth marquette's in the flash in the flesh this studio i was so happy do you know how this happened i think gary actually made it happen yeah ever met we're gonna give matt the credit credit he just said you around on fridays that i'm here now i wanna come up now i wanna see atom well thank you so much going on now where do we start stormy daniels defamation lawsuit what do you think i don't filed literally hot off the press so we've taped a few days in advance and so i the cosby verdict came in so what about wait let's start with what about sentencing for cosby well first of all they gotta get emotion for new trial if i were cosby now i would do whatever i could to go get brian mono ham i always mispronounce his last name it's it's brian starts with an m very accomplished lawyer tried the first trial and i think cosby's biggest mistake was not having him for the second trial i that sounds insane to me not having a guy you won the first trial with right i mean you know i don't care what i laughed there's a remember about seven years ago.

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