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Insurance Company and affiliates pricing coverage match limited by state law Way have traffic and weather together every 10 minutes on the fives at 7 45 Now, here's Jeff Biggs. All right. Let's start on the five in Sun Valley north and five at Sheldon. There is a doghouse that some trumped on the freeway and is sitting in the slow lane. Also in the five South, down five point a park right at Valley View. Looks like they're finally dealing with that stolen car that was blocking the fast lane and slowing up your drive. Looks like it's pretty good again. The big problem right now, heading through the great blind. There was a brush fire near the five and 1 38 The CHP is Trying to divert traffic in both directions of the five as well as transitioning off of the 1 38 onto the five. But bottom line is it is tough going and Foreman right now on the five to the grapevine is they deal with that brush fire? Expect heavy delays and there's still a delay in Malibu on Kane and rode the North bound side of Canton Road in Mulholland. This is due to an earlier head on collision. That's report coming up at 7 55 10 pigs with more traffic reports more often, Okay, next 10 70 news radio later on tonight and then overnight. We're going to have a marine layer rolling in laws are going to be overnight hours, sixties and seventies and then tomorrow it's going to be seventies in the coastal communities up to the nineties in the Valley areas, wittier 74 degrees right now, Santa Monica 68. And it's 76 in downtown L. A. You're listening to K Nicks in depth with Chris eating, sitting today from Mike Simpson. I'm Charles Feldman. Well, the NHL, the MBA Major League, Soccer's.

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