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I do said looking back on it. Hindsight is twenty twenty. I wish it would have gotten them out of their series earlier but i've talked with him and it's on me. I'm the one that has to make that call and get him out of there but we didn't and that's a shame because he was having a good camp. Now with the premise of guys can get hurt at any time you can get hurt in practice. You don't normally see a coach. Take ownership of something like this. I don't really understand the benefit of it but yeah i don't i know whether to congratulate adam gates for his honesty or question whether or not he should have said that because it puts him in a bad light and sort of creates a a controversy for his team that might not otherwise of necessarily been there but it it so out of character for any n._f._l. Head coach to second guess himself and and take it on himself a season ending injury <hes> in his defense you know the player who got hurt was learning a new position. <hes> you know this preseason season so they're to me. There was some justification for him if anyone <hes> playing that late into a game and it was only the second quarter. It's not like he's playing right into the the second. I'm just not sure what what you gain out of that of taking the blame on something that could have happened at any time. It's like saying oh. I got a text from my daughter daughter and then got into a car accident because i was checking the text. I blame you for sending me that and texts no. It's your decision to do it and it's it's a three situation just like that. Injury is a freak situation. I don't really know like is it going to get him any sort of cachet or any sort of credit from players in the locker room by saying that are they going to deal with other players with kid gloves. Now i mean when you preach to your players that you have to be responsible and you're willing to admit something that maybe makes you look bad yeah. I think that <hes> buys him a little bit of credibility i. I don't think honesty is ever going to be a a bad thing. When you're dealing with players yeah hopefully that was just smelling exalted. He did <hes> before the game speaking on. We got field yates coming up next. We're going to probably do some earning out with some fantasy talk because that's what chris cody wants wants to do. Gosh darn it but we can ask them any other football questions as well an interesting creature habits the flat arid plains many an automobile dashboard the bobblehead ahead it's most agreeable and not along to anything despite having no brain.

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