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I would say gashing on say Bacelona renting with Massey. As GOP shed is one of the one of the big, boys. But you know, is probably as close as being between a bunch of teams, which is which is great. I would agree hundred percent boss Alana, we messy shortly. Sean I wouldn't throw Real Madrid in the mex- out of Real Madrid are going to be anywhere close now. And then. Jerry. There's no way you would penny on they went us. You painting all name finals. Right. I'm discounting their that's possible and absolutely discount Real Madrid. And then as a little bunch right in the middle. I think God wants away. We have we haven't mentioned them. And and with good reason, but they are one of the hot teams in Europe right now, they have the obsolete shutdown goalkeeper on his day. They have a tough draw. But if they get past that things are looking up, I'm just saying this for the benefit of having video that Darren can then Trump back out in may. But nobody's mentioned Manchester. United. Good reason. Not going to go quickly. Rome Newbridge much as mentioned Manchester for good reason as improved as they are still don't think they keep bit of of winning the Champions League. There are better clubs in England. I think I've a better challenge Liverpool improved over last year even sewer. I don't think that playing us as flowing as as it. Did this time twelve months ago catch online right in the end of this segment just remind if you have a missing show, you can download on day podcast,.

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