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And so the call Paul winning was basically going to get us back, you know, hopefully, a shot at a debt. Slight profit, and it didn't work out that we've feedback with. So so overwhelmingly favored, and that was the I think that was of course, the the doomsday scenario and it played out that way, so not much you can do to avoid that on the front end other than to say, hey, you know, we're gonna make a slightly smaller player we're gonna throw a call Paul together. Or we'll we won't even use them as a backup. If he wins, we lose, but I didn't have an anti call Paul opinion. So that was the that was kind of tricky part. So that's I think what you what you kinda have to gauge with these things. And that's why using both as in backups. You can have a little bit of a very opinion in the sense that things can can mix and match tad. And you end up hitting even though this was not a sequence where you were ever going to get filthy rich. It was obviously gonna take a horse copper tea or or somebody Incisa jolt and the the Swail to really juice up the payoff. So it was a way of just kind of surviving the whole thing. And I think, but as we. We kind of hone our approach to determining who as who were backups, and and how we're gonna structure tickets with or without bees with w tickets so on and so forth, we can minimize the amount of bankroll investment and maximize the potential returns on some of those good opinions coming in. Well, you know, the the reality in the Swail, it was actually Zenden, and the fact that you know, Zenden ran a very good race at eight to one. And somehow if he prevails if called Paul who who really off the turn you could see Iran Ortiz was was sitting in a in a great position. And you could tell that he he knew he had horse and was gonna cruise on up and and by, but if Zenden prevails he's an eighteen dollar winter. Exactly, exactly. And I would say also the right and the other part of it was I thought he got a bad ride. I know that it probably would make a difference. He was probably going to be no better than second. In any case. But the rush up on inside down the backstretch just completely defeated the purpose of the cutback. And maybe he's a horse. It's got a little bit too much speech really effectively cut back. But I mean, I really didn't have custody gave him a fair shot in doing that. He's he's not going to be called Paul and that kind of scenario with called Paul getting such an ideal setup trip. But yeah, there were a couple little things that could have happened that could've justed those results tad, and and maybe, you know, made it so that that there was a little bit more meat on the bone in terms of the overall payoff. I think you know, would have been double if I had used fingers of be instead of see, and I think we didn't really know exactly how to approach that. In terms of whether Maximus shift was much better than everybody. I guess the the pitfall of the wager and all certainly admit when they're shortcomings is that the the main opinion was feedback in me house with one of the as in the middle, and that wasn't even going to profit. So it was not a well constructed wager or series, but that to get out of it with a little bit of a profit is great. And hopefully, some people were able to take that ANC. See matrix apply to pick five or a pick four which did both pay pretty well when you threw in a horse like soul..

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