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Jordana here Frank Will join us and talk with about some corrections officers who have permanently left their posts after a deadly. Attack, install water now Laura's news in, it's mostly cloudy seventy nine, degrees at. Four zero three the hour's top story attempted murder charges are now filed against the man who shot to sell Saint Paul police officers yesterday today we're learning more about the group home where he was staying and what led to the incident everyday living operates the group home which houses up to ten individuals who are dealing, with, mental illness Dakota County, community service. Director Kelly harder we have a long standing on positive working relationship with, this provider yesterday one of the residents Thirty-three-year-old Dustin Allen builder back allegedly fired a shotgun at two south Saint Paul officers wounding them after he had been told his lease was being terminated for violating. Their strict policies luckily the officers weren't seriously injured and builder back. Surrendered last year there were one hundred and ten calls to police from that home and sixty two this. Year so far. Keep in mind it could represent. A missing Pat it can represent, something Thing that happened when a, friend, came over to live, it does. Not necessarily reflect a severity equal in each call Dakota County has more, than one hundred plus group residential housing agreements Edgar laris WCC oh Minneapolis city council votes to move ahead on a proposal that would give the council more oversight of the police department after an hour. And a half of discussion the proposed charter amendment will go to. The city's intergovernmental relations committee on tend to to vote from there will undergo public hearings and go through. The legislative process. Near Chica fry has been outspoken. In opposition this is Nearly unprecedented move that changes the department structure that has been in. Place for about a hundred years a, joint statement from him in empty chief Madera air Redondo says passing the, amendment will quote make both of our jobs more difficult to. Effectively perform the charter amendment comes in response to the recent fatal. Police shooting of. Thurman, Blevins Sloan Martin WC members of Thurman Blevins family are calling on Minneapolis mayor Jacob fry to immediately release the body camera footage from the fatal police shooting Blevins, second cousin Sydney Brown says she and other family members met with fry in his office today she says they came away disappointed and they want the tape release now if the tastes are not released there. Will be For the Fry has said previously that he will release the body camera footage to the. Public wants BBC a witness interviews are complete in the family. Is consulted it is another one of those weekends with some major freeway closures in the south metro men..

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