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The path public sale all the way through labor day get on the path to a new life the brain the most important oregon and the united states forever you in the brain the rectum get more physical exams the brash gets more physical exams zerorez gets more and men only here about erectile dysfunction it's unbelievable all right that the american way the rash checkup and less we're bunch of bove's that's the story now guess what some genius radiologist comes to me with a new program that quite the rubric cube all right and it goes a cubic analysis of the brain health and make villa unostra tropy basil ganglia caught a nucleus you don't even know what these various ahead i mean every woman knows more about currently no hair and no more the halfback how many players play for football team they know more about the plays the quarterbacks everything i don't know about their frontal tracks they don't know about their glovas pal is they don't know about their high but foul i'm is i don't know about their insular cortex i don't know about nucleus accumbens girls know more on how to curl their hair at three years old and new brain parietal lobe pons ridiculous formation salazar cica set them a volley took statue niagara temporal lobe falome as venture goal it's a new era folks here's the new era you can measure these areas measure their voltage or cell growth measure your processing speed measure your.

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