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In there baghdad little village in the countryside that only appeared one day a year and there's a love story connected with it but sometimes i cannot have the sense that our summer esperanto gatherings are a little bit like that we go away promote severe and then during the week to week we come back and we get together and we have faced of these interactions and and it is very sweet sweet is a good word for it a lot of us rantiss described their community as a kind of stanley somewhat ironic he has de joke among esperon contest is that many styles is don't share the language so they're actual every day family might not know esperanto at all and yet if i were in a group like this and i needed somebody to hold my wallet with all my money in it i would hand into an as for honest her and full confidence whenever i came back they would headed back to me the my my name's doug i have at level of confidence and trust in the in the people i know welcome to weaken peashooter city he national congress is a combination of socializing workshops and seminars and deduce of admin meetings about running the usa association this year there were about seventy attendees with guess flying in from canada the netherlands and elsewhere and about one thousand streaming from facebook live for the past several years the national congress has been followed by an eight day esperanto summer chorus where people can learn the language this year they had fifty eight students both events are held at william peace a fitting home for language born with the goal of world unity that internal idea of esperanto or what s pontas call lie in tara not be deo part in my accent was originally rooted in jewish universal azzam and remain connecting thread but being the fickle creative creatures that they are it's been adapted throughout history very different japan's uh uh the history of esperanto involves socialists narrowly 1920s who wanted to use as brought her to further the goals of socialism that's esther shore english professor and esperanto scholar at princeton university we spoke a few weeks before the congress it involves bolshevism of the.

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