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Let's say hello to one of the best lightweights planet journey. It has been for dan hooker. Of course we last saw action in the mid to late january when he fought michael chandler at you have c two fifty seven. Unfortunately things go his way but what a story he has to tell him. He's kind enough to join us here from his hotel room in new zealand. In auckland to be exact. Are you knockin right now. Dan yeah. I'm an oakland. So i got the i got the exact same quarantine hotel that i got last time. Say luck of the draw. You don't get to pick which one you go to kinda just put it out of the hat when you arrive. So i got off the plane and i got the same one. So it's good it's It's like right next to the the suburbs. That i live. So it's it's a lot easier for people to come down and visit me through the through the fence now dan. You know you posted that picture once again of of you looking at your family through. The fence reminded me of the picture that you posted in june. And say man. I give you so much credit. I see the smile on your face. I see the way you're handling this. It gives me anxiety knowing that people are going through this. You haven't seen your family. I think down forty five days and you have eleven days left right if my math is correct from the picture posted yesterday. How are you handling this. How are you dealing with all this Sign up for it. So it's what i knew. I knew i was taking a risk when i took the fight. And it's just it's just part of the roller coaster a fighting under these times like this strange times. But i'm not. I'm not the kinda guy that passes up. I'm lucky that my wife is is tough as nails. She's she's been handling it real while she's cool. She's she's backing me. One hundred percent so that makes things a whole lot easier. This is like the hot. it's been it's been quite a cool experience up until the quarantine you gone. Overflight island but allen was cou had on an island fi. Obviously go the way But after that. I spent four weeks in dubai and found a cool. Jim came out in dubai With with a lotta guys trained within tiger multi. Because obviously they a lotta guys. Don't wanna do the two week. Quarantine to get into thailand so they they end outgoing to dubai and the uae and flying through this. There's not a friendly faces that guys. I trained to f- tiger multi a lot of good level label fighters brinda long game from pf l. timothy nation can who's fighting for the one. Afc lightweight title A lot of friends. A lot of good fighters I was lucky enough that it had a good time. They had good. I've been on the match racing and doing your with those guys and just exploring the city in. I had a good four weeks has just once i got here. We go here they. It's not good for the soul to be to be cooped up in a room like this into be like there to see especially. I would imagine your daughter she. She's so young and you probably just wanna hugger and swisher writing kiss her. Can you describe what that feeling is like to be so close to your loved ones your wife and daughter but not being able to actually touch them. It was actually a bit surreal. I my daughter's quite quite funny sees i completely uninterested in token to me on the flying. You can talk to her on the finite. She's completely she doesn't like to talk on the phone. Which i guess is a good thing you know. She's not that interested in devices or anything like that but yeah that was that was weird because he helps out with a kind she was just. She was just confused. She said she's at an age now. A wish he understands a lot of things that you can you ask for things in have a station so la than in the fifth time you know the time she was still of asia and really understand what was going on but couldn't couldn't really express a but now she's just she's just abused as as the why Why she can't why she comes through this fancy. Give me a hug but tall. Eleven more days more days candidates is this one of the hardest things you've ever been through stiffly new like a new experience Definitely taken them next time. Let's just say that. I'm taking him time I'm not doing a car. In dina where i go. I'm staying mr say down. I'm not coming back. it's funny man. 'cause you see like You see however announces the world. You see the guys. Some guys on fire island getting flown in on private jets is. I've seen them off like back in their countries and they get qasr and things like that. We can't even get the wifi password. Does i must finish. My citizenship will be up for sale is of course you know. Once you're out life is a lot different over there than it is here. I mean you don't even have to wear masks from what i understand right. Yeah like it's it's just a completely it's just a completely different uprights like everyone. Everyone's doing the best with what they have. you know. we're just lucky that we're a small island in the corner of the world so it's very easy for us to shut it off new zealand's just just starting to go with the nation's strategy so it's like whenever it is one or two cases will just shut down and square them away in wrap it up so you know every every country's just working with it you know doing the best doing the best with what they have and so could you tell us. What is the daily schedule. Because i understand you're allowed to go for a walk outside for an hour in the morning. What are the rules. Were the do's and don'ts while you're in there for two weeks yes. I'm lucky that i'm at a at a pretty cool hotel. Like a when israel calibrate came back there were one of the hotels in the city is no out outdoor space so they had the book and half an hour the thing they were allowed Like half an hour and they don't want people sweating and breathing heavily on each other so they they weren't allowed to No vigorous exercise. So you couldn't run going to do push ups or anything like that but he this like a big open space where i can go out. You just have to book in so broken Just an hour in the morning but you have to any vigorous exercise. You have to do before thirty. Am so he got like a window they look your our and five am seven fifty a m. So you've got to elevate a win. You gotta you gotta get out of it if you wanna. If you wanna go for a run saw you know get out About six o'clock in the morning and and start running and start moving around but yeah after that you can get out and like see friends family and walk around by but you can't Exercise outside after that and then the rest of the day. You're are you lots of go out as much as you want or you can only go out during her blocks of time. Yeah you have to. You have to like bulkin like if it's full then then you can't go out so you just set the book the a book and a time with my wife when she can come down a win friends one visit you just you just book in a time. So yet is is funny but like it's a lot stricter ban nam than it was the first time fish time when i came through it was still compared to this. I thought it was a super tense last time but compared to this it's a it's a whole another level. I think there were a few a few cases. Where whisking getting out through the mount managed facilities through the quarantine facility so now. They've got a running like a real tight ship here now. You know i this forty eight hours you arrive. You have to stay no room until you positives. And then off the day twelve to fourteen. You have to stay in your room as well and and what are you doing in your room to.

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