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Seat was vacated last month when longtime delegate marquin resigned. Holly siebold and Karl frisch are competing see bold runs a nonprofit frisch is the Providence on the Providence district school board. Money news of 25 and 55, now here's Jeff claw. Building on that big rally yesterday, at least in early trading here, the Dow is up 620 points. That's a 2% gain. The S&P 500 Index is up 86, that's almost two and a half percent, the NASDAQ is up 292 points. That is 2.7% with inflation unnecessary purchases at first to go. Revenue for apple's App Store fell 5% in September. Morgan Stanley says that's the biggest monthly drop in App Store revenue since 2015, Toyota's U.S. sales last quarter were up 17% from a year ago and Toyota announced one quarter of all its sales are electric vehicles. There are now 21 EV models across both Toyota and its Lexus brand that's the most of any automaker. Have you seen a rivian electric truck on the road yet? The EV startups is third quarter production of its pickups was up 67% from a year ago. The entry level rivian R one T starts at around $68,000, Jeff Klebold, WTO B news. Coming up, the Supreme Court this morning, here's an Alabama case that could have a huge impact on minority voting power and flight attendants are about to get more rest between flights. 9 56. Sure, we have 30 seconds to tell you the drivers who switch to progressive could save big. But then what? Well, we could try to fill the remaining time

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