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Is now. Let's go do it. Let's go talk to the brilliant and wise. Mark watts. You know, whenever we were talking on the phone the other day, you told me about something that I thought was really fascinating. And that was that you were trying to identify these three inroads to your father's work, which would basically be and tell me if I'm not describing this. Properly. But someone who perhaps had either no reference of your father's work or had some reference, but we're looking for somewhere how to get to the core, like what are these ways that you could really get in there and kind of get the foundation and what you shared with me as we were talking was beautiful but I'd love if you could share each of those three inroads and then we'll just kind of talk about each one. Sure. You know, it's different now. There was a time when people had only read my father's books and when they came across the audio they were just astonished and these were back in the radio days of the 90s and even going as far back as the 70s. But now it's very different in that most of the people that come to the works have heard a little bit either through social media. They get something or somebody directs them to a YouTube piece and somehow they're introduced to him saying something that is very magical to them. So they usually come with a lot of enthusiasm and but there's kind of a phenomenon about it that I kind of compare it to when Joseph Campbell's works were big. There were people who really understood a lot of his messaging and then there were those kind of follow your bliss people. They got that deep into his stuff. And like this situation, it took an effort to sort of point them to what would resonate on a deeper level..

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