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I'm getting cold out. Paulie MAC says he's he's. Drawn out stats. Very good Bill and Vacaville. Hey, bill. Good morning. How are you? I'm doing good. How are you doing this morning Bill? Yeah. You know, this patriot talk, you know, for the last eighteen years or twenty years they play in the worst division in football. And basically all they have to do basically win one game. It get to the Super Bowl. They usually have a by the first week of the playing at home the second week of the playoffs. And then most of the time the championship game there. And if it's on the road, it's fifty fifty with employees. So he's good points. You gotta play was there. I mean, how was the how was the NFC west many Rams cropped up with Everett for a little bit? The saints had the Rickey Jackson Sam mills for a little bit. But yeah, I mean, you know, you gotta play there. I mean, I mean, I hear what you're saying Bill, but I'm just looking at the stack. I'm just looking at the stack. Yeah. If you look at every team in the league everyone's had a chance pretty much to go to the Super Bowl and good to three or four years. There's been no one division. That's been good even one year and allows it has been a depressing division. That's for sure. Bill. Thanks for the call, man. Appreciate you. Yeah. They're saying somebody else wrote in six easy wins. These are people dying hard man there. Jack freeze. They're going to get the hypothermia and they're hanging onto the door. But, but I mean, you know, I mean, something to make note of as we discussed earlier how the NFL schedule works like they've been playing a first place scheduled for twenty years. The NFL isn't designed for teams to be able to win your division. Get a by every year play. I play schedule get a bottom draft pick and continue to be dominant with one hall of Famer called gronk to on. You're absolutely right. They've been drafted thirty two for years at play in the first place schedule. Season their coaches leave every years why let go down there at the bottom, and you can go through your little.

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