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I am your host joined by my up alternate. Fabulous producer kyri without Kyrenia was in the building to Rica. If you guys don't know there's a lot of snow happening in the northeast. And so we are sending our thoughts and prayers to everyone because the weather is rough. The kyri was was kind enough to brave the weather in come into work. So we're going to try to speed up the show. So that he can get home for all this snow piles up because you're from jurors. Right. So you you you're good with the snow. I mean, they get a little more appear in Bristol Connecticut than in jersey, but it is pretty much. Well to Rica should be bad about it too. But trust me if soon as there was the option of hey, schools are close to Rico's like I'm staying home with my daughter of like, yeah. No kidding. But Dow shot outside to Rica. We're glad that you're you're staying safe. And hopefully, everybody's staying warm. We've got a great show for you today. We are going to be joined later on in the show by Adam Amin, the play by play announcer for the women's final four who just an overall great guy and has filled in seamlessly in that seat alongside Rebecca Lobo and care Lawson and Holly Rowe for our fantastic final four crew. So we're going to learn a little bit about the ins and outs of what Adam does. And kind of what happens. I mean. It's exciting stuff. If you don't remember his play is play by play. Call on the the winning shot from our eek last year for the national championship that you are been hiding under a rock. So we look forward to more of that from atom in more great action at the final four this year. Tampa, we're. Also going to talk a little bit about we're going to recap the big Monday game between uconn and South Carolina. We'll talk about the NCAA reveal at least I will here in a moment before we get to add them. And then in the closing of the show. We're gonna talk about some big basketball news. We taped our podcast last week before we got to talk about my Amores decision to sit out the twenty nineteen WNBA season. So I am going to fill you in on that. And also give my thoughts. But first the big game last night was at the excel centre between the Yukon huskies and the visiting South Carolina Gamecocks called by our final four crew also called by our smack talk crew on ESPN three Asia Wilson to sue bird along with Eric freed did a little simulcast where there was some trash talking between the two alumni of those team, which was very very fun..

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