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Thank you thank you Chris thank you bye weekend that's Kristin Hugo ball talk live I so I guess it's not a rumor sounds like it was at least eight it had some substance to it I don't know that's interesting I understand you know if you're if you're going to be Seattle and try to rebuild that team I understand the financial aspect of that where you get that rookie cut and this isn't the first time or last time we're gonna hear about something like this where you're going to trade your quarterback before it's too late before he makes too much money all we have our chat road T. shirt it was submitted by Robert in Boston and that is it's the number one T. shirt of all of our T. shirts that we had there for the chat road to vote on not the one I would have picked but Hey this was chat row and Robert in Boston thank you for coming up with that we will print that up Jeremy our print maker he will T. shirt guy he will come up with that I am going to put up the I'm going to print the penny one the the house dog pending big German stock that Tieton it might only be one T. shirt made but I'm going to have that T. shirt man is I Love Me some pending I will take a break last call for phone calls close up shop we have a winner with Todd scoreboard challenge have that for you Polly this stay in sports history close up the shop after this with.

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