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Seen him suffer because he can't do it's hard for them they're going to get behind him and that's when you have somebody counseling council and I think you know it's been awhile since you did a show with me and I actually talk a little bit let's go out to the busted taking my call it's a little off topic but my question since its fall count anywhere and you had March Henry on today with a he's been one of the great ones in one of the great ones in his typical fashion like they did in the past but I think I mean you could create guys you can just put together I mean it just makes storylines it would make Shen over the free birds a tag team it's like the new day that you can maybe look at the new day is a little bit of a faction if you want to I don't know but undisputed Ariz- definitely on this show before when I was six I snuck down to the living room I was my babysitter was watching a horror movie and I snuck down out of the bedroom and I went downstairs behind the couch and was watching and she watched a movie called childrens play with dead things and that mentally effected me for the rest of my life movie is a hey man yard Mark Harrison that scary movie yeah he died in the credits back to do a little thing I went and watched him when he came back and tag with Michaels and five and then when he also had the match again that's Michael's summer slam and it was almost fifteen years ago at the time and he was expected hey hit the leg drop I me and my buddies we drove nine hours to New Hampshire her just to see Hogan delay drop in that match and if you remember he didn't hit the leg drop we weren't we weren't disappointed it was Hogan but then the following summer three months later we went down to DC which is still quite a hike for us then we got to pay off and everything but I oh I think now fifteen years I mean you said he's like six in his sixties I we don't I don't think the drop I think people can understand but I if if he does do this crown jewel thing like you said maybe he I don't even know if he can get up to the big boot but if a big boot some punch maybe tag somebody that does a finish off the top and call today I I you know and Mike thanks for the phone call that would be enough glistening catches Monday through Saturday busted open from nine am to noon eastern unserious Xm by Nation Channel One fifty six the busted.

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