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So we're playing around a war better better off versus angel. Candice on the red carpet at kin- who do we like better. I like jails because she let the shoe. Let the sleeves go lower and that would be like my after party al. It's my wedding. i'm with you on j. lo. I really like jalen. She looks like she's supposed to be on stage. It's all right. I just feel like candice is look is just sort of like. We've seen it so many times. i'm just not into the jumpsuit. But she's stunning jaylo. Did it wasn't jail award better. I have to say jay doesn't miss on. The ria carved never misses on a rare shout out to rob. And who's doing that hair. Chris chris all day the next battle. Has courtney kardashian in the middle kim k. And addison rate bolt stepped out in these leather pants with a top has some rain you liked that i say i like the addison ray of it. All i like addison i. She's cute. But i gotta go kim. Kim she's getting better than i like. I like the way the fit is kim's so high and also you know you see how much kim works for that body that she puts star. She's not in iraq. Yeah there you go. Jennifer hudson and priante good show sported the same all about who we going with. Ooh you know what it's a tie the hair for me where priyanka chopra looking like egyptian. Your princess jasmine was a real person in twenty one. She'd be this bitch and jasmine with my favorite disney brand luxury logic. This law law roach. I love it. I think she. I'm going with priyanka too. I like it better. i'm gonna to f. I appreciate what jennifer tries to do with the golden glass to try to break up the black and gold belt on but when it comes to the actual outfit freon slammed it. She looks gorgeous. Jeff good to keeping weight off. Okay quickly nicki minaj arena. Shake who you got. I mean come on on. Hey you know somebody some. Wd forty on that address like that. You can't cover it up. You gotta wear when you guys set your dvr right now because tomorrow show is going to be good. We have had the debris in the house plus. We're talking to jason's today. 'cause an ryan laki talking about missing the olympics ninety tonight at eleven and join us every day at eleven. Am right here on e. for more daily pop. Follow us on instagram. And don't forget to pray for lonnie's tomorrow. Yeah haro sad. Sad day. Job brad gary..

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