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New New bomb before his brosnan in in goldeneye so you in capable hands and they put together a the foam the wa sipa i in some ways maybe to how less violent way tarantino visit but you a third year it you'll bombed who looked young very defecit and a fabulous story line based completely around the fleming novel either. Green was a soul trie. Fem fatale bone go. Had another side. Said volt rigo and was magnificent as bonds love interest. Probably the best love interest of bond since done a reagan on the magic secret service marvelous casino scene. And you had you had some gadgets stripped down it was like a neater type of old fashioned but in the same way very modern type of their the cinematography was out of the water is marvelous. And then for the ladies. You had daniel craig and his six back stepping out of the ocean in those blue swimming trunks. That for the second. I'm wearing many see casino. Royal as a as a fabulous maybe the best ball movie out there. And i watched it the other night from the very beginning is shot in black and white to the sweeping scenes. Look along the italian coastline bombs torture saying being a belted in the ball nor by cricket bowls. Masimba commit some murders episodes but it was a knotted rope being slung into Into the crown jewel so to speak and that really was on the emergency secret services. You know what i'm saying but it was talked about this before and i guess to be used. What seminal ball movie yet. The aston martin db five and then straight after. You had quantum of solace. Now if you watch quantum of solace as a separate movie and there's a right to strike on the script is all over the place. I mean daniel craig given wrote the script for quantum of solace but if you watch it on that separately it makes no sense and is not a particularly memorable movie if you watch it straight off the casino royale which i did the other day it makes complete sense of the wonderful car chase through the tomlin. The aston martin is a wonderful. Start to the movie with mr white in the back of the car. But you need to watch it straight off the casino royale now dominate green as the leader contin and have a disappointing bone. But what just straight off casino royale if you have the stamina dirge and you would appreciate quantum and solace much much more to sam mendes films sky. Full inspector has a huge contrast amongst bon critics and film film go across the whole of the world. I mean suspect is is criticized as a sort of bloated edition of the ball movie correct on that. I think i expect is an excellent movie but sky fall was one of those movies that you see. It was a hazard of epic proportions about it. I mean the boom villains. Make such a difference. heavier mme. sova was disturbed. Sit have megalomaniac who had worked for my six back in the day and had a mountain that That the bomb felons haven't had a fabulous bone villain in sky for and then the back story of judi dench has lost movie is. Am was with a tragic story. Taking bond to scotland the image again the cinematography and sky full and across the daniel craig move is the hall where tremendous bombed in db five driving from london and he stops in. The scottish highlands across misty more a babbling brook and that iconic image bomb tolkien whilst looking out of the scene of the countryside near his old child at home a sky full really sticks in the mind. I mean that would make a poster great still and then the end of it the the the sort of havi. Dan's henchmen and and the patties come along in a helicopter to sky for this bond 'em and also the gamekeeper battling it out against New age weapons. Is this a little bit of the a team about it. Would be barack is making a machine gun out of a potato machine. That's that's how it felt but it was wondrous iconic bond his bob jacket practicing shooting. I mean there's so many smaller elements to to that ball movie that stand out in the mind and make it big nevis. Casino royale was pushing back. The boundaries felt like a nine hundred sixty seven prestige. It sky full felt modern. It felt vulnerable bombed showing emotions. It It was an epic movie. As i said with a very very epic soundtrack and the lovely songstress adele really singing one of the best tracks so then we come to spec to specter diffuse upon. How has that shadowy specter across the whole of the bond series that echoes sort of former age bond villains with blofeld coming back into the fray as bombs long stepbrother. I mean it was. It was the convoluted plot in many ways mendez and his second directorship of a ball movie really tried to throw the kitchen sink into the movie. Everything went into the some of the iconic elements of the former bond. Movies went into specter. And in my mind. I'd love that part of it in other people's minds so my good friend didn't cohort occasional co hosted. The show uncle jim he hated it. He felt too much was being thrown into it. But i love the train. Seen the white jacket with lucido madeline swans character. And i love blofeld. I don't think. Christopher walz christoph waltz as blofeld was the right that was right blofeld. In my opinion telly. Savalas was the icon both old but christopher i mean he's a great actor watching glories bastards if you're thinking tarantino. He was in that movie but he didn't he wasn't the right character wasn't menacing enough so my me within his campus charles gray and diamonds are forever but there's actually the campus about it wasn't wasn't quite there is a good idea bringing that both and then sort of subplots weren't great as well but again. Visually spector was an amazing amazing movie. And i think it set up no time to die. People saying this will probably bring down no time to die because you have to follow. What happened inspector. I think the answer because bringing black lohfeld inspector was i in scriptwriting wise a genius idea but people are concerned that the new movie may hearken back to a movie. That wasn't that popular is a good movie. You had to add everything frozen into it. All the bomb the iconic bond elements referred into spec to make it feel a little bit bloated over stuff. Maybe at times. But it's a tremendous movie and it and it's got me incredibly excited for the next one. So as i said i'm trying to keep away from all social media elements in no time to die. I watched all the stuff about the premier the day princess. Kate duchess of cambridge looking marvelous in that gold. Emmy she looked like She could have been aimed. Goldfinger with goals sparkling frankly. She had on daniel. Craig is pink jacket. Many people saying he's a little bit too pink to be wearing a pink jacket. Good on new daniel with pink jacket. Although it did look a little bit austin powers from the spy shack me in my mind better. Got me very excited for this wednesday. I don't think anybody's going to be. I mean i think pe- league i'm crazy. My dearest love things. I'm crazy. I think being this excited about a bond movie but you know what does i said as i said at the top of the show. It's like christmas eve for me. So wanna keep away from the spoilers. I'm hoping it's going to be a bit like message. Secret service a lot of vulnerability a lot of emotion beautiful cinematography. I already know that it has that. I've seen seen enough of it. Being bond is a great daniel craig's sort of little motif documentary about the daniel. Craig is filmed by a friend of his. So it's quite a little bit more intimate than some of the interviews is seen with daniel. Cry but i will be sees to see craig. Oh i think he's. I think he could have got a few more movies. In the along the way. I think he was getting tied at the time specter but he's reshaped it and sort of multifaceted from a brutal killer in casino royale and and contemplates solace to showing all the emotion in sky. Full a little bit more humor injected into spec to with some of the older characters coming back and then no time to die is sort of going to be his opus. Maybe i'm hoping say as had tried to keep away from the spoilers but there we go. This is being keep calm and cauliflower cheese special bond edition and you're very welcome to it. How would you rate your favorite james bond. I saw tally today. That daniel craig top. Sean connery timothy dalton is number three. Would you put timothy dalton as number three. I would put connery talk with with daniel craig. Maybe after that. I put lazenby above dalton bras needs to be looked tab little bit more. He's been criticized recently for his betrayal. As bond you know look at golden world is not enough to fabulous movies but if you look in terms of essence of movies casino royale link it to quantum of solace all the first policy communists solace those two together Were unbelievably good. And then you have sky. Full inspector together is immense movies again. Certainly not a surly criticize and then to close off the last chapter. No time to die. What are we gonna be expecting with no time to die. I tell you something. It will be unwrapping that sort of unknown christmas present on christmas morning for bond fan. That's the best simply the best. Thank you for listening to the podcast today key coming cauliflower cheese bonds special number two and it's been delightful to talk about one of my favorite subjects. Bob's favorite subject is yourself. No no no no bonders up. Their food is the henry. The sub their dogs as many music but bond is definitely one of my specialists subjects whereas mastermind. I think i'd do rava well but you can listen to the show across all of the platforms from apple music spotify. There's a gain a musical important butler edition with some of the movie favorites from the living dilate daylights to sam smith writing on the wall. And no time to die. Billy irish what do you think of that. Movie that sahlin cinematic brilliance to it chin but coming up next we do have bombed influence poem to close proceedings. Either describe onto a child. You might read them this poem here to end the program. My name's bond james bond. I drive an aston martin. I carry a wealth. pk crashed karzai. Bash bars. I splashed ause. I catch chicks. Choices two picks. I have my tricks. I am bombed fond of blonde. I wave my wand and they cannot look beyond. I have the licensed to kill the license to thrill i have the license to fulfil and hopefully i fulfilled you bombed last over these last few podcasts. We keep coming cauliflower cheese to bond editions. i'll be back with the normal type of pocus defend next week As chappie out for now and go out there go watch football movie. It needs to do believe needed to save the movie theaters out there. And i think it will but until then cheerios now..

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