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Van dien lane. When I smoke weed, I get lost in the music. I like to isolate each instrument. The rhythmic base, the harmonies on the piano, sticky melody. Head up, careful, babe. There's someone crossing the street. Sorry. I didn't see him there. If you feel different, you drive different. Don't drive high. It's dangerous and illegal everywhere. A message from lizza and the ad council. Sports had 25 and 55, powered by maximus, moving people and innovation forward. The nationals opened their series in Miami with a heartbreaking 5 four loss to the Marlins on Jorge soler's walk off home run off hunter Harvey that spoiled the 8th inning rally by the nets, led by Dominic smith's two run single, Josiah gray pitch 7 innings of 7 hit two run ball with three walks and 5 strikeouts for no decision. It's Mackenzie gore, hoping for better at 6 40. Meanwhile, the Orioles beat the angels 7 to three, led by Ryan mount castle's pinch hit heroics and dean Kramer solid 5 and two third innings to win his third straight start. The NBA Western Conference Finals open in Denver with the Nikola Jokić show, the two time MVP led the nuggets to a one 32 one 26 victory over the Lakers, jokic, the first player in NBA postseason history with a 30 point triple double and 70% shooting in consecutive games. For the fourth time in 5 years, the wizards will select on the back end of the top ten in the NBA draft, landing the 8th overall pick in the draft lottery. The San Antonio spurs won the number one overall pick for the third time in franchise history, previously selecting Hall of Famers David Robinson and Tim Duncan, and a projected third of Victor Wen bin Yama lives up to the hype, rob woodwork WTO sports. Every 36 seconds, a vehicle is stolen in the United States. Cars are an important

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